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As a senior citizen, I appreciated the help of the community outreach.  I could not do some of these things myself anymore.  It is truly a good service to persons like me.

H.V.      Irwin, Iowa

I have had some work done with this program and I appreciate having this program in our community.  As a senior citizen with a house to maintain alone, it is a comfort to know one can call on them to do small jobs for you.  Just recently I had some wall board re-stapled on a small place on the garage ceiling, a quarter round removed, under counter kitchen light replaced and a seam sealed on a basement wall.  This program has given me peace of mind to have these small jobs done.  Thank you community outreach.

M.M.    Harlan, Iowa

Have found in the Shelby County Community Outreach group, a willing hand.  Because of health problems I needed help with seasonal maintenance and minor repairs at my house.  I felt blessed to have a trustworthy handyman enter my home and he added a Christian presence to a worthwhile endeavor.  Thanks,

V.J.   Harlan, Iowa

We live in Kirkman, IA.  We want to thank you for the following jobs in our home.  You helped with shower curtain, learn to run rug doctor to clean carpet, helped put up curtains, fixed the central vac, cleaned gutters, put up window shades.  But the most important thing they were able to pray for our needs, minister to our hearts!  We thank them very much.

PS. For fixing garage door and putting in furnace filters.

J. & B.   Kirkman, Iowa

First of all my husband and I thank you and your crews for coming to our home in Portsmouth to fix it up.  We found ourselves in need of help to hang drywall and tape and mud the seams.  Through the generosity and Christian spirit of the SCCO group, our upstairs was drywalled, taped, and the first coat of mud was applied.  We will remember the kindness of their actions and the goodness of their hearts forever.  I would urge everyone to find it in their hearts to contribute money to this worthy organization.  It is truly one of a kind.  How fortunate we are to have a group of people who are willing to help others.  They will always be in our prayers.  May God bless this organization and all the people who are a part of it.

In Christ's love,
R. & E.    
Portsmouth, Iowa

It’s been about two years or so since my family was introduced to the people of SCCO.  We were in dire need of help and were close to losing everything. Our home was literally falling apart. We had been struggling to make it financially after my husband had become disabled, and we were close to losing our home.

 SCCO has helped us with so many repairs, from replacing floors, carpeting, replacing the water heater, repairing plumbing, painting, electrical repairs, installing doors, fixing windows. They have been there for us through times that were so overwhelming that we could see no light at the end of the tunnel. We were shown the love of Jesus, and given hope and comfort.  They have improved the quality of our lives, and made us feel wanted and cared about. I couldn’t believe that complete strangers had reached out to us, and it still is amazing to me. It brought me to look at my spiritual life, and it brought us together as a family.

The Lord put it in our hearts to seek out His plan for our lives. Being surrounded with so many believers doing what the Lord called them to do, was a blessing all its own. There are so many people who we don’t even know, who came to us in our time of need; we praise Jesus for putting you all in our lives.  The mentoring and counseling that we received literally saved our family and helped restore the balance in our lives. We called on them to help us through some very difficult times, and they were there every time we needed them.

SCCO and all the individuals who have given of themselves to do the Lord’s work have changed our lives.  Every one of you have given us a priceless gift, you’ve shown us the love of Jesus Christ. We thank you all so much for being there to answer our prayers. We look forward to helping SCCO reach out to others and give back to others what has been given to us.

Thanks Be To God,
B. & R .and family    Harlan, Iowa


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