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Our Ministries

You will notice that our services are referred to as “Ministries” and that’s for good reason.  SCCO is a non-profit, Faith Based organization and we view all of our activities as an opportunity to minister to those around us from the overflow of God’s love which He has demonstrated to us.  We believe that all people are in need of a loving Heavenly Father who spared no expense in sending His only Son to this earth in order to purchase us out of our sinful state and to be reconciled to Him.  By repenting of our sins and reaching out to Him in faith, God is able to adopt us into His spiritual family and create in us a clean heart that seeks to please Him and to desire others to know Him, as well.

SCCO - Home RepairHome Repair

Our founding program of small home repairs for the elderly, disabled and low-income individuals of Shelby County, is still the #1 ongoing service which we provide and there is no indication that we are running out of work to do!

These jobs vary from cleaning out gutters to repairing floors and patching up garage doors.  No job is too odd or too small, especially since it's nearly impossible to find someone who will attend to those types of job for you.  These are what we specialize in and take great pleasure in getting done.


SCCO - Hero's AtticHero's Attic

Hero's Attic is the home furnishing warehouse of SCCO, which began in early 2009.  The name is our way of thanking and honoring the American Legion who allowed us to use the upper level of the Legion building when Hero's Attic first began.  We accept used home furnishings that are in good working condition and are microwave size or larger.  We price them and sell them to the public, and discounts are available to those who qualify based on income levels.  The ministry serves three purposes:

  1. To provide quality used furniture to our communities at affordable prices.
  2. To introduce the presence of SCCO and the various services we offer to the general public.
  3. To provide a funding source for the operating needs of SCCO.

Click here for more information on Hero's Attic.

SCCO - Community ServiceCommunity Service

This is the area of SCCO that allows us to collaborate with other community-wide groups such as 4-H, FFA, Scout programs, Student Council groups, church youth groups and adult groups, etc.  When these groups are looking for a volunteer project to assist with, they call us.  Projects may involve yard work, landscaping, painting, gutter cleaning, minor winterizing, etc.



SCCO - VolunteersVolunteers

Other volunteer opportunities involve helping at Hero's Attic, stuffing the newsletters, building a parade float, working at an event, etc.  This ministry of SCCO is always changing and evolving as the needs change and evolve.





SCCO - MentoringMentoring

An important aspect of SCCO’s outreach ministries is building relationships.  Through our Home Repair Ministry, God’s Helping Hands, Temporary Housing, and Hero’s Attic Home Furnishings, we are able to talk with people about their lives and about spiritual matters.  we look for opportunities to share the love of Jesus Christ and we offer to pray with them.  This is often where the heart of our ministry begins; it’s where the lonely, hurting, lost, and deserted can be embraced by a strong group of Christians who are willing and able to get involved in their lives and help them grow into a relationship with Christ. 

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