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We are dependant on the financial donations of caring individuals to support our services. Our programs are not federally funded and we don't have a direct line to Warren Buffet or Bill Gates! We continue on because people like you give of their resources on a regular basis to keep the wheels of progress turning.

Give to SCCONo matter who you are housewife, student, small business owner, hourly employee, farmer, retired person - we want you to be able to have a hand in our success. That's why our base unit of support is $5 per month, an amount that is generally affordable by anyone, regardless of how much you make. Obviously we will accept donations for amount larger than this, but our goal is to have a large base of supporters to carry the weight, so that no one is burdened financially.

Without your contributions, we will not succeed in our mission of meeting the needs of the most vulnerable in our society - the elderly, disabled and low income.

You can do that in one of 4 ways:

  • Annual Donation - make your monthly pledge in one annual payment
    Example: $10 for the month = $120 for the year
  • Monthly Check mailed to us at:
    P.O. Box 69
    Harlan, IA 51537
  • Electronic Funds Transfer - our preferred method
    Your donations comes out of a checking or savings account each month without even having to think about it!
  • Paypal- If you would like to give a one-time donation now, through Paypal's secure donation system, please click the link below. THIS WILL BE ACTIVATED JULY 2019
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VolunteerThis is the “hands-on” portion of our organization. If you are interested in helping with a project of some sort, whether it’s cleaning up a yard filled with weeds or hammering in a few nails to secure a deck board, there is a work project waiting for you to help with. Our volunteers have many different categories to choose from when they fill out a Skills Response Card. These cards are then entered into a volunteer database to keep on file as people to contact in relationship to what skills they possess. Categories to choose from include carpentry skills, computer help, yard work, baking, sewing, etc… Practically everyone has some sort of talent they could use to help someone who is in need, but many times it’s just a matter of having an opportunity to put that skill to good use.

If you are interested in adding your name to our database or are involved with a group who would be willing to do a work project, contact us or download the skills card and send it in.

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Every non-profit organization is in need of committees made up of people who have a passion for seeing the end results of what they are involved in. Our committees are just in the formation stages and we could use people who want to be more than a spectator in life to join us in getting them up and running. These are a few of the committees we are in need of:

  • Fundraising/Event Planning
  • Finance Management
  • Counseling/Mentoring
  • Housing/Home Repair
  • Volunteer Coordination

If you have a desire to be involved in any of these committees or have questions concerning this aspect of the organization, Contact Us.

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AdvocateEven if you aren’t able to serve on a committee or physically help us with a project, we still need people who will spread the word about SCCO and our services. All you need are some solid facts about our organization and a willingness to be vocal when an opportunity arises. If you would like more information about the possible ways you can help, Contact Us.

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